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We offer irrigation installation to help your landscape thrive.

Landscapes can take many forms. Some are large while others are small. Some incorporate hardscaping while some are comprised entirely of plants, and some landscapes are very minimal, featuring just a few native plants for water conservation and other environmental reasons. But what practically every landscape has in common is the need for irrigation. Plants can’t survive without adequate water, so you’ll need irrigation installation to keep your vegetation healthy when the rain can’t do it on its own.

Irrigation Installation in High Point, North Carolina

If you need irrigation installation in High Point, North Carolina, we’re the Licensed Irrigation Contractor you can trust at Davidson Landscape Nursery.

Before we get started on your irrigation installation, we’ll assess your landscape and its needs. Seeing as we’re familiar with many types of irrigation systems and their strengths, you can rely on us to help you select the right option for you. We’ll also take factors like soil type, plant type, and flow rate into account before recommending what we believe is the best irrigation system for your landscape. When the time comes to begin the actual installation, our certified team will work with precision to ensure everything functions properly.

We’re eager to get started on your irrigation installation project and equip you to keep your landscape looking fantastic. If you have any questions for us, or if you would like an estimate, contact our team today for assistance.